The Royalty cinema, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

Last Reel at the Royalty

Running time: (27 mins).

The documentary. Introduction and brief history. The doors open and manager Mrs Eastlake explains why the cinema is closing. Meet the staff. Cashier Mrs Chappelhowe recalls 25 years of working at the Royalty. The interval (time for a hot-dog!).

Find out which film was showing at the Royalty when part of the ceiling fell in. The final film begins. In the projection room we see John Tessa setting up the carbon arc projectors and changing reels. At his workbench he talks about his 52 years working in cinemas and theatres.

Mrs Chappelhowe in the ticket office. The film comes to an end and customers give their views on the closure. What happened to the Royalty next?

The documentary is presented here at the resolution 640x480 at 50 frames per second, which retains the "video look" of the original. Previously only a small format version was available online.


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