The Royalty cinema, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

Gosforth Gang Show, 1980 - brief extract

The final three minutes. They sing Auld Lang Syne and the national anthem. The full show lasts for 2 hours and 47 minutes and was performed at the Gosforth Civic Hall at Christmas 1980.

In a round about way this led to the documentary about the Royalty cinema.

In October 1980 I rented a video-recorder and black and white camera from Radio Rentals. The camera was quite primitive and had to be plugged into the heavy mains-powered recorder.

I recorded the Gang Show because my sister was in it. One of the scout leaders asked if I would videotape his wedding the following spring, which I did using colour portable equipment hired from Granada TV Rentals.

This convinced me that my dad and I could run a small business making wedding videos. We rented a colour camera and portable video-recorder on a long term basis, back at Radio Rentals, beginning in summer 1981. I then had the (very costly) equipment available to shoot the documentary about the Royalty at the end of the year.

Duration: 2 mins 56 secs.


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